About Us

At the heart of Food Lab Incorporated is our passion to bring you unique and delicious chocolates and desserts that delight both the taste buds and the eyes.


We pride ourselves on our creations, bringing you the loved classics as well as offering up the most unique and bold alternatives for every occasion.

Our development kitchen is constantly generating a range of food offerings

that cater for the consumers constantly evolving tastes. We can also help our customers make there own ideas become a reality which can then be scaled

and rolled out across their business.  


Our purpose designed kitchen in Kent has doubled in size within the first 12 months, giving us a total of 6,000 square foot of production space which  enables us to meet the demands of our increasing and diverse customer base.


Ultimately, our promise is to create and deliver unique, delicious and perfect treats every time.


Why Us?


Our production facility houses a dining room experience where we welcome prospective clients to come and taste their creations during development.


Partnering with Team Food Lab would give you the following:

Ability to create a completely exclusive product to suit your needs

​​In short, every inch of detail is unique and unrivalled by our competition.

Flexible delivery terms

Dedicated account management

On and off site Consultancy

30 years pastry experience

BRC Accredited facility

Bespoke packaging

Exceptional quality

Competitive pricing

Your Design... Our Creation

We have dedicated years to exploring the very best flavour combinations and unique textures in order to capture the perfect chocolate and dessert selections.


That being said, we welcome the challenge of a personalised request and relish every opportunity to get back to the tasting table.


Our personalised service works from the inside out, starting with the unique product range, right through to bespoke packaging to flawlessly present your creations.


Whether it be to enhance your brand, support an event or to simply make a idea come true, our expertise is equipped to support you every step of the way.


To book an appointment or to visit our onsite chefs table please get in touch with us.


Our Beans


We meticulously crafted our ingredient portfolio in line with the highest quality and ethical production methods to ensure sustainability.


All our products are made on site where ingredients and packaging are locally procured wherever possible, the partnership formed with our local packaging company has also allowed us to fully personalise our offering with the most professional and cost effective finishes.


Our exquisite beans are sourced from the Northern tip of Peru, where the regions unique climate and rich soil provide the perfect combination for the white cacao.


Our selection is harvested twice a year by Cocoa Barry nominated farms, those of which are recognised by the Fair Trading Association and known globally for this anti slavery ethics.

Environment and Us


At Food Lab Inc. we have built a strong team of experienced chefs whose focus is not only dedicated to the finished product but to every aspect of exceptional customer service and environmental consciousness.


Food safety, delivery logistics and environmental impact principles are  paramount to our companies’ sustainability.  With constant efforts being made ensure smart energy consumption, to minimise waste and where possible to limit our overall carbon footprint

Our team place special emphasis on ensuring that our products are designed with the most sustainable ingredients, those specifically sourced from our network of manufacturers because they share our core values.


As a result of our emphasis on small batch hand crafted production, waste is minimal as we produce exactly what the customer needs. 


At Team Food Lab we run our own ambient, refrigerated and frozen delivery fleet to hand deliver your orders.   This not only continues the customer service and delivery standard our customers have grown to depend upon but also protects the integrity of our creations from door to door.